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Chevron B16 - Continuation.

According to Chevron Racing, the company that is run by the well-known ex Chevron racing-mechanic Vin Malkie, this particular car B16-DBE/40 was the very first of the batch of continuation cars that they produced. The car was completed in 2006. In November 2006 the English Motor Sports Association issued a FIA-HTP for this car, fitted with a Cosworth FVC engine. 

At one point this car later ended up around 2007 in ownership of Englishman Geoff McConville who won the Sport Proto VdeV Championship in 2008. Also remarkable was also that Geoff McConville, together with Hal Catherwood and Steve Hitchins, did win the 12-Hours Historic GT and Prototype Race at Magny-Cours with this car, 8 laps ahead of the 2nd car, a Porsche 935.

When the car went into the hands of the present owner the Ford FVC engine had just been replaced by a BMW M10 2-litre race-engine. The English MSA has issued an additional Chance of Specification Sheet on 24-01-2013 for the fitting of the present BMW engine.

The car is available from the private EEC owner and is very well-sorted and in race-ready condition and will come with a batch of valuable spares.

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