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Porsche 914/6 GT Grp.4

The Porsche 914/6 Group-4 was fitted with the 901/25 engine, to type 906 specifications, with Weber 46IDA carburators, as homologated in Group-4. In 1970 this car was fitted with the 901/25 engine by the Swedish Volkswagen AG importer. Volkswagen-Sweden entered the car in 1970 in the Swedish National Championship. It was then driven by Leif Hansen who finished 2nd in class.

Except for the national races the car was also entered in international races in Sweden. In 1970 it also was the Speed Record Holder in the Roforsbacken Hill Climb, driven as a private entry by well-known Porsche factory driver Bjorn Waldegard. The car continued racing in Sweden in the hands of Anders Wickstrom and Bengt Bengtsson, who managed 3rd in class in 1982, 4th .in class in ‘83, 5th. in class in ‘84 and 1st. in class in ‘85.

In 1990 the car came into the hands of Swedish enthusiast Peter Calas who had FIA papers issued on April 1990. In 2000 the car went to a new owner in Southern Europe who kept using the car in competition for several more years.  

The car comes from the same private owner after almost 25 years of ownership, with EEC road-registration.

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