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Ford Falcon Sprint, 1964.

This car is an original and authentic 1964 Ford Falcon Sprint. The car came from California and was brought to Europe by Alan Mann Racing (in England) to turn it into a race car for a customer. However, on arrival, it was deemed too nice and too good to be stripped and converted into a racingcar.

The car originally had an automatic gearbox, but Alan Mann Racing replaced it with an original T10 four-speed manual gearbox with Hurst Shifter. Alan Mann Racing also fitted the car with disc brakes of the 1965 model Falcon. The '64s still had drum brakes all round; the '65s had discs up front. AMR also upgraded the suspension, new upper and lower wishbones, new crown wheel and pinion, rebuilt rear axle and a few other things were done.

The car was owned by an enthusiast near Manchester who had bought it directly from Alan Mann Racing. After buying it, the present Dutch owner drove the Falcon home under its own power, from Manchester in one go via the Eurotunnel.

A well-known racing specialist in the Netherlands has done some additional work on the car also. Among others, they fitted silencers (government requirement) and did a small overhaul of the gearbox and fitted a new alternator.

This year the owner did around 10.000 KM's with the car, without any serious problems. The car has EEC registration documents.

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