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Shelby GT500, 1967.

This Ford Shelby GT500 was manufactured at the San Jose Ford plant in 1967. It had been fitted with the 428 Police Interceptor engine and a 4-speed manual gearbox. In addition the car had several extra options. All the exact specifications of this car have been listed and specified in the coveted Deluxe Marti Report which will come with the car.

When new the car was shipped in March 1967 to Frontier Motor Sales in Niagara Falls (N.Y.). 4 more consecutive US owners are known, and the last one had the car restored.

Then the car found its way to Europe into the hands of a Shelby enthusiast. He decided to have uprated suspension fitted to the car. He decided for Intrax 1K2 shocks and Anti-Roll-Control which gave the car a far better ride.

Recently the car had a complete engine overhaul by a Mustang specialist .

Due to an overseas work position the owner is not able to use the car as often as he intended, so he decided to look for a new owner for the Shelby. The car has EEC road-registration and comes from a private owner.



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