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Itala Tipo 61 Roadster, 1929

This rare and very original car is a 1929 ITALA Tipo 61 roadster. 

Itala was a car make founded by Matteo Ceirano and had its headquarter in Turin. It produced cars between 1904 and 1933. Itala probably became best known for its race participations, where it used cars with 16,6-litre engines. For instance, it won the Peking-Paris race in 1907. During World War I, it played heavily on aircraft engines and consequently had an equally hard time after the war. Their first new post-war model only came out in 1920.

In 1926, it made a technical masterpiece, the Tipo 61, with a 4-speed gearbox and servo brakes. This type remained on sale in slightly modified versions until 1934. The engine was made in Weybridge (England) near the Borland circuit, as Itala had its own engine factory there. The engines for these Tipo 61s were 2-litre 6-cylinders.

This particular is a unique car, and as far as we know, the only known Tipo 61 roadster in the world. The car was discovered by well-known American TV classic car-dealer Wayne Carini, who had to buy a complete collection in order to obtain this Tipo 61.

In 2020 a Dutch collector managed to buy the Itala from Wayne Carini. The engine and gearbox were completely overhauled in the Netherlands, and so were the complete mechanics. It was decided to keep the cosmetics of the car in completely authentic condition where ever it was possible.

The car was then entered and accepted for the 2023 Mille Miglia. But some mechanical problems which appreared during last minute testing prevented the car from actual starting in the 2023 MM. These problems have been sorted and the car can now have its first Mille Miglia run in the hands of a new owner. 

According to the owner the car drives light and wonderfully easy. The FIVA card from Wayne Carini is with the car and all the history is known from the 1950s' onwards. The car is really rare and there is also the necessary documentation with it. By the way: most of the original tools are still in the car's tool-compartments.

This car is registered in the Registro Mille Miglia and it will come with EEC road-registration.

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