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Bugatti EB110 GT, 1994.

This car is one of only 126 EB110's produced. In total 95 GT's and 31 stripped SS versions were manufactured over the period 1992 - 1995. The design of the EB110 came from the hands of respected stylist Marcello Gandini and legendary engineers Paolo Stanzani and Nicola MaterazziThe total design and mechanical package which they put together, also in co-operation with Aerospatiale, was very impressive.

Carbon fibre monocoque, 4WD and 4 turbo-chargers would form the DNA basis for all future Bugatti hyper-cars to this date. A short-stroke V12 engine producing 542 bhp with 5 valves per cylinder (60 in total) and block-integrated 6-speed gearbox and direct gear drive, capable of a period world record top-speed of 343 km/h.

An iconic car already in its time which was more rare and faster than all supercars at its launch, in period.

This particular car was a late production car which was sold new into Switzerland in November 1994. Being a late production car the car had the advantage of having integrated evolutions, such as improved cooling and upgraded components of the Super Sport model.

This car had only 2 known previous registered keepers in Switzerland, both respected collectors, that took great care of the car and put only little mileage on the clock. The present owner purchased this Swiss car in 2009 and treated the car with the same love and attention as the previous ones.

So today this car is still in excellent and original condition and very low-mileage for a 27 year old supercar. The car has recently been completely checked and serviced, as well as fitted with a new set of tyres.

Recent sales of Bugatti EB110 cars are already indicating that the EB110 is a rising star which is a worthwhile consideration for any car collection.

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