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Siata Daina Coupe Farina, 1952.

This very rare Siata Daina Coupe Farina was sold new in the USA in 1952/1953.

It had a few American owners before it was sold into the collection of an American Siata enthusiast in 1987. There the car remained amongst various other Siata's in partly dismantled condition. Of course with the intention to be restored. As the collector had not managed to start with the restoration he decided to sell the car after 17 years of ownership.

In 2004 the Siata came to Europe and the new owner started with a complete restoration around 2007. As he lived in an area with lots of hills and mountains he decided to fit the Siata with a Fiat engine of larger capacity, together with a 5-speed gearbox. In this way the car was able to perform more to his liking.

Of course the owner has the original engine and gearbox also with the car, so it can be returned to original specifications in order to create a correct Mille Miglia eligible car.

The car comes from a private owner, with EEC road-registration and is priced accordingly. 


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