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BMW M1 Pro-car, 1979.

This BMW Motorsport and BMW AG Press Department car was raced by the German Cassani Racing Team in Pro-car races in 1979 and 1980. Already in 1981 Cassani sold the car to BMW M1 enthusiast Fritz Wagner who continued to race the car in Historic Motorsport from 2005 onwards.

Fritz Wagner would keep this car in his collection until 2015. Only with great pain in his heart he agreed to sell the car after 34 years of ownership. He always considered this car to be the high-light of his collection as this was the only known M1 Pro-car that never was crashed and never had a chassis-replacement. Even today this car is still on its original BMW Motorsport chassis. On top of that this car has, due to its short ownership by the BMW Press Department, a road-registration from the start and is even today registered for use on the public road.

So while other M1 Pro-cars are restricted to use on the racing-track, this Pro-car can also be used in the long-distance road/competition-events.

The car will come with many spares and 2 additional M88 racing-engines.   

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