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MG-B SEC Turbo, 1980

One of only 5 made MG-B SEC Turbo's. The Special Edition Classics were a small production of Turbo-charged cars which were made in 1980 by the MGOC and Roche Bentley, in co-operation with Broadspeed. Only 2 cars are known to have survived. This four-cylinder turbo with registration GOA 696W and another V8 powered Coupe with Turbo-charger.

This car GOA 696W was the actual prototype car. This Left Hand Drive car was shown on the MGOC stand were it was on display with its Broadspeed Turbocharger. The basis for this SEC Turbo car was an American version which was extensively revised and modified.

The car was purchased when new by an Englishman who lived and worked in Luxembourg. This guy and various automotive journalist were instrumental in discovering the real story on the SEC Turbo cars. The present owner did a lot of research before embarking on the restoration of this car. He had the story published in various MG Club magazines.

The car was restored 5 years ago to its original matching numbers specifications, including all special production plates and badges. Since the restoration the car has covered another 5.000 Km's.        

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