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Chevron B19 BDG

This car was constructed in 1985 by Roger Anderson (CEO for Chevron) for racing-driver Ray Bellm. The car was painted in white/green Waspeze colours and Bellm intended to race the car in the 1985 HSCC Failsafe Historic GT Championship. The April 1985 Silverstone Club Circuit race and the June 1985 Brands Hatch GP Circuit race were both won by Ray Bellm.

From Bellm the car made its way to Germany were it was raced by Fred Laufer in International Supersports 1991-1993. Then later raced in Germany by Andres Schonberg and Silvio Kalb.

Around 2000 the car came in the hands of the present owner, who fitted as many others did, the car with a brand new BDG engine. Then raced by him up to 2016 in numerous international events and Championships, such as: Supersports Cup, Orwell Supersports Cup, Festival of Speed South Africa, Jim Clark Revivals, with a podium finish in 2017 in the Canam Class.

Now in excellent condition and will come with an old FIA HTP.

With its present engine specifications the car can race in all None FIA-Sanctioned Masters Races.

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