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Ferrari 195 Inter Ghia, 1950.

This 195 Inter Ghia is the actual car that was shown on the 1950 Torino Motorshow. It was the 5th of a total of only 35 Ferrari's that were bodied by Carrozzeria Ghia. It was also the first Ghia bodied car in the 195-series. After the Torino Motorshow it was sold inside Italy and then exported in the late 1950's to America. There it had Richard F. Merritt and later Gerald T. Sutterfield as it early first owners.

In early 2000 the car had returned to Italy and in the hands of the new Italian owner the car had a ground-up restoration. In 2010 the car was then purchased by the present owner. He had the car further detailed where required and had it inspected by experts and Ferrari Classische. After their inspections he had his matching-numbers car entered in the Pebble Beach Concours and the Villa d'Este Concours.

Today this car is well-documented and in excellent and authentic condition.  

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