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Isdera Spyder 036i, 1989.

This 1989 Isdera Spyder 036i is one of only 16 Spyders that were manufactured by Isdera in Germany. The Isdera company was founded by Eberhard Schulz, a designer and car constructor with very good links with Mercedes. Hence that except for the chassis and bodywork, most of the mechanical parts came from Mercedes. Isdera fitted the cars with a 5-speed ZF gearbox, the shock-absorbers came from Koni, the four discbrakes were by ATE and the rear-axle was a combination of Mercedes and Porsche parts.

This particular Spyder 036i was sold to the first sole registered owner in 1989 and was fitted with the Mercedes 3 litre 6-cylinder line-engine. The owner used the car during many years as much as possible, whenever the weather would allow it. During all these years the car was always serviced and maintained by Isdera. It was also Isdera where the car received in recent years an update from the original 2-valve engine to the later 4-valve version.

This rare one-owner car is today still in excellent condition and ready to be used and turn heads.   

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