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Diva GT FIA racing-car, 1965.

Total production of the Diva GT's existed out of one Type-B prototype, 13 C-Type racing-cars and 51 long-nose D-types. As the C-types were pure racing-cars it was very rare to have one that was already road-registered in 1966 like this one.

According to old English paperwork this car had 2 registered owners before being sold to Sweden around 1996. The car was then used mainly in Scandinavian national historic races. The last FIA HTP was issued in June 2015 for Period F and Class TSRC9.

Bought in 2015 with the help of Don Sim by the present owner who had the car checked over, body restored and repainted and fitted with fresh engine in 2017. Regretfully not raced since then. Due to change of plans now offered for sale.   


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