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Maserati Trofeo, 2003

This 2003 Maserati Trofeo racing-car was one of the very few that did race in yellow colour. This car participated in the Trofeo Challenge over the years 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006. During these years it was raced by various drivers, such as: Thurn und Taxis, Capelli, Needel, De Simone, Herbert, Firman, Costa, Droste, De Beaumont and others.

After 2006 the car came into the hands of a Maserati collector who mainly kept the car on display in his collection.

The car is today still as raced and will need attention before taking it to the track again. An affordable addition to a car-collection or a rarely seen 415-HP track-day car! 

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