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Triumph TR6, 1975.

This TR6 is an original Left Hand Drive car which went new to North America. It was dispatched in August 1975 and went to a dealer in New Orleans. The car must have had a very quiet life as it was purchased in the USA by a European collector around 2013 with only 16.000 Miles on the tacho. This collector was in the USA to buy a Porsche from the  owner, but could not leave without buying the Triumph also. 

This collector had never seen such an original low mileage car which had original paint and body-panel fit in close to flawless condition.

This car looks and drives like a new TR6 without ever having been restored or repainted. Today the car has been recently serviced and fitted with new tyres. Whilst the spare-wheel is still fitted with its original tyre!   The car comes from a private EEC owner. 

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