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Austin Mini Cooper S Racing, 1971.

This car is a very fast and successfull racing-car constructed to LHD Mini Cooper S specifications, according to Appendix-K for racing in Period-G touringcar events.

In mainly German events this car was amongst the fastest Mini's and in over 30 races it rarely didn't reach the finish.

This car's majority of races were run in the Historic Touringcar and GT Trophy (HTGT) and also some 24 Hour Classic events and long-distance Eifel-races. In 2013 this car won Division-2 in the HTGT Championship and also finished first in all 1300cc races.

Now this car is race-ready with a fresh engine and gearbox.

Fueltank, seatbelts, seat and fire-extinguisher are new or re-validated.

Comes with new FIA HTP. 

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