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Allard J2 Cadillac, 1950.

In May 1950 this Allard J2 was sold new by Allard dealer R.H. Patterson to its first owner; racing-driver Frank Curtis. Soon he would become one of Allard's works-drivers. Frank Curtis used his personal J2 during 1950 and 1951 in various national and international events within the UK, amongst which 3 Silverstone events.

Soon after Frank had started racing a J2X as Allard works-entry his personal J2 was sold and moved to the USA, only to return to the UK again in 1987. It was purchased by a Swedish collector who kept the car for a few years in Italy and then in Sweden and only used the car for road-tours.

In 2008 the car was purchased by an English Allard enthusiast who had it race-prepared by a local Allard specialist for FIA-racing. After a few years of racing in mainly UK events the car was sold to another Allard enthusiast in 2013. He  used the Allard mainly in long-distance road-events.

Today the car is in excellent overall condition and performs very well. It still carries its original road-registration from the early Frank Curtis years and is very well documented. This J2 is eligible for Mille Miglia, Monaco Grand Prix, Classic Le Mans and Goodwood Revival Meeting. 

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