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Ford 2-door Coupe Special.

This Ford 2-door Coupe Shoebox had come from America, probably over 10 years ago, and was imported into Germany.

In Germany the car had a few owners and had received some modifications into a Hotrod which was shown by old pictures in colour and black & white.   

When the present owner purchased the car he did not like the exact looks of the car and the way the car had been converted. As a long time classic car, racing and Hot-Rod enthusiast his cars are normally prepared to the highest level. So he decided to treat this car the same as all his other cars.

The Shoebox was given into the hands of a professional workshop, experienced since many years in customizing American cars, and the owner gave them instructions how he wanted the Shoebox to look and with what specifications.

After a few years of work and a no-expenses-spared approach the Shoebox was finished with very high-end specifications. Upon finishing this car it turned out to be a very special and outrageous looking success and it did totally answer to the vision the owner had for this car.

He had put a lot of time and money in having this car constructed. The car was issued with a new German road-registration and the modifications were included in the registration document where required.

Please inquire for a listing of the exact specifications and detailed pictures.

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