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Fiat 124 Abarth Rally replica, 1975.

This excellent Fiat 124 Abarth Rally replica was ground-up restored and constructed in 2016/2017 by a professional workshop on request of a collector. The basis of the car was a 1975 124 Spyder CS1, the same one that was used for all the later CSA cars.

Except for the paint colour and the rear-axle this replica is identical to the real 124 Abarth Rally cars. 

For the interior the upholstery of the seats, tunnel and floors are of a better level then was used on the factory-cars, and now even included heated seasts. All body-parts that were in aluminium are also in aluminium on this car, so are all fibre-glass panels also in correct fibre-glass on this car.

The steeringwheel is the original Momo version for the Abarth 124 Rally cars. The rearend of the exhaust system is a correct NOS Abarth piece. Radiator and wheels are all newly made parts to correct specifications.

It has the 5-speed gearbox and the engine is reputed to have 120 HP. Sport-suspension, black rollbar, front and rear foglamps.

Regretfully the car had little use, due to too many projects.

It is in outstanding condition and comes with EEC road-registration.     

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