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Denzel WD1300 Super Sport, 1954.

Rare 1954 competition Denzel, one of only 65 cars that are assumed to have been produced.

It was sold to the first and long-time owner who was Denzel importer at the same time. As he was very successful in convincing his friends of the great racing abilities of the Denzel’s, he was responsible for the sale of several units. This importer used this car in various national competition events.

As his competition participations and his sales results had made him great friends with Wolfgang Denzel, it put him in the position to have his car overhauled and updated at the works in Vienna in 1959. The car was then fitted with the latest aluminium bodywork with hardtop and more uprated mechanical specifications. This is all documented in the 2008 published Denzel book.

Only in September 1981 the owner decided to sell the car. It then had 2 more owners before ending up in the hands of the present owner in 2012. He had the car ground-up restored after it had been of the road for more than 20 years, but was found in remarkable original condition. This car only had 4 real owners during its life and always had remained inside the same country. Hence the full knowledge of its owners and history.

It is not only a rare opportunity to have this competition Denzel on the market, it is also rare to have one with full history known and with the latest factory original specifications! 

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