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Jaguar E lightweight FIA, 1964

According to the information that comes with this car it was sold originally to the USA where it should have been raced extensively in local events. During these racing years in America the car had been fitted with a dry-sump engine, 5-speed gearbox, lowered floor, non homologated competition suspension and brakes and lightweight aluminium panels. All this work was done to a very high level.

In 2004 the racing E-type was bought by a UK enthusiast and it returned to England. Later it was sold to a Swiss enthusiast who decided to have the car restored at great cost to full and correct FIA specifications by a UK Jaguar specialist. 

In 2007 the present owner of this car purchased it and gave it into the hands of a UK racing-specialist to have the car set-up to his personal taste and specifications. He also had an aluminium block racing-engine constructed for the car to be used besides the extra steel block engine. 

The owner raced this car in various International events, such as the Spa 6-hours, Tour Auto, Master Series, Portimão & Porto race-meeting and the October 2013 Jerez Historic Festival.

With the car will come a FIA HTP that has been issued in March 2011 by the MSA for Period F (1962-1965) and FIA Class GTS12. Hence this HTP is valid until March 2016.

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